like the updated website and handling the signed app is magnificent. Already liked United Marine, you have all my boat business from here on out. Excellent and very caring of your agents and policyholders. Product coverages are the best as well. You are likely the best insurance carrier we've ever done business with from head to toe, right down to the customer service reps and underwriters we work with. Thanks!! Mike R - Agent




No two policies are the same; all boat insurance companies have different terms and conditions. We have created an in-depth review to help you compare or review the basics. With our side by side comparison, you will fully understand insurance coverage, including factors that affect cost.


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You can obtain and purchase your quote online or by phone. Our unique quick quote feature provides competitive quotes from multiple marine insurance companies, guaranteeing you will find the best rate. Customize your quote using our edit and shop options, and when you're ready to purchase, we can email the policy within minutes.










Marine Insurance coverage for PWCs, Bass Boats, Ski Boats, Pontoon Boats. We have a program to meet your needs.

Yacht Insurance Quote
Whether your vessel is a personal yacht, corporate yacht, or occasional charter, you should consider the benefits of a yacht insurance policy.
Houseboat Insurance Quote
United Marine Underwriters is a specialty insurer and has insurance programs specific for your houseboat insurance needs.
Charter Boat Insurance Quote
We provide insurance coverage for charter boats, fishing guides, including full-time and occasional charter.
Performance Boat Insurance Quote
Performance boats require special protection. Make sure that you have the correct insurance coverage.