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It is boating season again.  Time for fun in the sun with family and friends on our pride and joy – the family boat.

Preparing for the day or the weekend on our boat is exciting and I find making a check list of absolute necessities works best, so we forget nothing.

bread                             lunch meat

chips                              soda

beer                                ice

juice                                cookies

watermelon                   toilet paper


And life jackets – one for each person on board – that fits snug – no water wings or floaties for the kids.

Life jackets are more than a necessity, they are requirements.  The USCG requires a life jacket for each of us on board and our boat insurance company expects us to be prepared and do what we are supposed to do.

Water Wings from Amazon

That is why our bunch does NOT plan any boating excursion without making sure we are all covered with our own life jackets.  No water wings, or floaties for the kids, they are toys not life jackets.  And they are not approved by the USCG.  In my opinion, who knows better about boating safety than the U.S. Coast Guard?

I think – no one!

Life jackets or life vests are not those big old ugly orange contraptions from our youth, no.  Now they are stylish, comfortable and downright HOT!  Even I look good in mine, which is why I keep it on all the time I am in the boat.  Okay, that is not the complete truth.  I keep mine on because, besides looking good, it helps to keep me safe.

Okay, this is not me, but it is a nice life jacket.


I know what the USCG says about life jackets and I believe it – Life Jackets don’t work if you don’t wear them.




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