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Being at the helm brings much responsibility.  You have to Learn the rules, Live the rules, and thus Love the rules in order to make sure everyone, including yourself, who steps on to your boat for an enjoyable day on the water – at the end of the day – steps off.

Boating safety is a top priority and there are aids that will help boaters.  The first one is a give – and yet the one people disregard so often – Life Jackets.  The U.S. Coast Guard requires one life jacket per person on board and at least one flotation device such as a ring, if the boat is over 16 feet long.

Another aid is the wireless kill switch, a normal piece of equipment on boats.  These handy little devices are life savers.  Period.

However, there are boaters who have said they do not care for being tethered to the boat, saying they cannot move around, too restrictive and not comfortable but still realize what a necessity the kill switch is, especially for those who fish or boat alone.

How about this – a gadget that:

  • Installs in minutes by clipping to the boats ignition kill switch
  • Powered by AAA batteries which come with the kit
  • Transmits radio waves to a receiver which is connected to the boats engine
  • Shuts off the boat if the operator goes overboard – radio waves do not pass through water
  • Alarm goes off if a passenger or a pet wearing one of the sensors falls off the boat
  • Passengers wearing the sensors have the ability to shut off the motor by pushing the red alert button, in case of a runaway boat
  • Works in both salt and freshwater
  • Comes with sensors for 4 – even children or pets – but more can be purchased
  • Shuts down the engine in 1 ½ seconds
  • Protects more than just the boat operator like with the hard wired switches – this product can protect the whole family and Fido
  • Portable, take it from one boat to another, to the beach – lets you know when the children have gone in to the water or wandered off
  • Was awarded the Connecticut Technology Council 2011 Innovation Pipeline Award as the most promising new technology product of the year

The Autotether is a safe, easy, and very effective way to keep not only the passengers and yourself safe, but also your investment which will keep your boat insurance company happy, as well.

This great gadget starts at around $235, and you can purchase additional sensors for $65, to keep everyone on your boat protected.

Check it out for yourself, there are reviews online.  If you take the plunge, let us know what you think of the Autotether and we will be glad to pass it along.

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