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The U.S. Coast Guard is one of the military services for the United States; law enforcement for the waterways, lakes, rivers, coastal waters, and high seas.  Boating safety is their top priority.

On any given day, the USCG around the country gets called out.  And whether it is to intercept more than a ton of cocaine, or rescuing a family hanging on the side of their overturned boat off the coast of Miami, the USCG is here to protect, keep Americans safe and secure.

The Coast Guard reports that on an average day, they:

  • Saves 12 lives
  • Responds to 64 search & rescue cases
  • Keeps 842 pounds of cocaine off the streets
  • Services 116 buoys & fixes 24 discrepancies
  • Screens 720 commercial vessels & 183,000 crew & passengers
  • Issues 173 credentials to merchant mariners
  • Investigates 13 marine accidents
  • Inspects 68 containers
  • Inspects 29 vessels for compliance with air emissions standards
  • Performs 28 safety & environmental examinations of foreign vessels
  • Boards 13 fishing boats to ensure compliance with fisheries laws
  • Responds and investigates 10 pollution incidents

Besides being the law enforcement agency on the water, the USCG is here to promote boating safety, keeping you and your family safe while enjoying your day on the water.

The USCG has made available many different aids to be utilized by boaters.  They have developed guides to make staying safe on the water easier to do, such as:  free vessel safety checks – performed by approved USCG Examiners; a list of required boating safety equipment; an easy to follow and fill out Float Plan for the boater and the Boat Emergency Guide for the person entrusted with that float plan; they also work with other agencies to reduce the incident of alcohol related accidents and are a part of the event “Operation Dry Water.”

Even if you find yourself being “pulled over” by the USCG, you can bet it is for good reason and you will be better off and safer for it.  Their objective is to keep you – the boater – your family, friends and investment safe.

Utilizing all the USCG has to give to make the time you spend on the water safe and fun, is their job and like your boat insurance company, they want what is best for you.

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