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Getting ready for a day on the water?  Planning on doing some skiing?  Tubing?  Swimming?  Diving or snorkeling? Cruising?  Maybe some fishing?

Whatever water activities you have in mind for the day, be prepared.  Keep everyone safe by making sure your boat is ready, registered, and insured first before doing any planning.  Once those things are behind you and all your safety equipment, navigational tools, and toys are on board let the planning begin.

Depending on what you and your family/friends have in mind for the day will mean the difference between making sure there is a fishing pole and bait for every person or sets of skis and rope, snorkeling mask and fins, or just sun screen (although the sun screen should be on board no matter the activity.)

And, it goes without saying – even though we have said it many times here and will probably say it many more – no matter what water fun you have planned it is necessary to have a life jacket on board for each passenger and a floatation device such as a ring, as well.

Once you are loaded up and are on the water headed for the perfect spot, your marine GPS will help get you there and back – oh and make sure to check your charts.  The navigational charts on board will show where you cannot swim, fish, ski, etc.,  That Boating Safety Course you took sure came in handy teaching you how to read your charts, know the “Rules of the Road,” and what all the signs and lights mean.  Whew, just think how much safer the passengers, you, and your boat are just by you taking that course.

Be sure to have your lanyard on, or the wireless Autotether attached to those on board.  If something were to happen, if you or another passenger were to go overboard these items would shut down the boat so no one will get bumped or bruised – other than perhaps their ego.

Also, remember to always have a lookout, someone designated to keep their eyes on the surroundings and if there is  skiing or tubing going on, they should be watching the person at the end of the rope.  Your designated lookout is there for the safety of everyone on board and for the other boats in the area.  You, as the operator of the boat, cannot do everything at once and would you really want to?

Planning and enjoying a safe and fun day on the water is why we have boats to begin with, so play by the rules, wear your life jackets, pack finger friendly foods – they are just easier to deal with – make sure you have everything in order and your boat insurance company is on board and ski, swim, snorkel, fish, and cruise the day away.


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3 Responses to Planning for a day on the Water

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  2. Dadan says:

    big thing i had trouble with this trick was that i was so used to skbroaeatding and i would always try? to land straight and i would always slip out. but now i stick it everytime wake to wake, all you gotta do is land with a little edge.

  3. Ang says:

    If your jurisdiction riqueres a title for a boat trailer and you have no title, then you must go back to your seller and get one. It is HIS responsibility to provide you with one. It is your responsibility to get it from the seller before you fork over the cash. A bill of sale without a title is not worth the paper it is written on.

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