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Autumn is the time of year when many articles appear about color tours. They provide road and highway directions to colorful areas where the views of nature’s brilliance are breathtaking. Boat owners know that the best view of nature’s brilliance is from your boat.

The serenity of a fall cruise is unequaled to land. On a calm day, you can see double the color as the trees reflect off the water and the sandy beaches glow in the sun.
The best time of day to enjoy the very peak color is early mornings and mid to late afternoon. This is when the sun is shining from an angle as opposed to straight overhead.

One of the best things about a boat tour is that you can stop where you are, take a deep breath, take some pictures and soak in the beauty of the colors.
One thing is certain; you won’t have to worry about the traffic. Instead of watching your car’s speedometer, just keep an eye on the depth sounder.

A boat tour provides gorgeous displays of color but boaters need to be aware of the surrounding water. Make sure you’re familiar with the area and don’t cruise too close to shore. Your reward for safe shore navigation during a color tour will be a fulfilling adventure of unforgettable scenes of nature at its finest.

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4 Responses to Color Tour by Boat

  1. Tom LaPorta says:

    Always check for lake draw downs before planning your trip. Many lakes start there winter draw downs in the fall and this can make some ramps to shallow to launch large boats from. It also means that many lakes remove there hassard markers to protect them for winter freeze which can make them harder to safely navigate.

  2. Tim Shealy says:

    This is all so true. Fall is a great time for boating and enjoying Mother Nature.

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