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It’s hard to go a day without running across a new app for your smartphone or tablet. Most offer nothing more than entertainment value, but if you’re a boater looking for practical and functional apps, you should check out these handy sidekicks that have come to our attention:

  • AnchorAlert – Protect yourself from running aground or drifting into other boats while at anchor. Anchor Alert will warn you when your anchor drags or breaks loose based on parameters you set for the alarm. Cost: $3.99 at the iTunes store.
  • Boat Ramps – Regular ramp too crowded or closed? This app from TakeMeFishing.org allows you to quickly locate and get directions to more than 35,000 boat ramps throughout the U.S. Cost: Free at the Google apps or iTunes store.
  • Boating Suite – Designed to satisfy the most meticulous cruiser, this app has a log book, fuel log, maintenance log, expense log, to-do list and shopping list — plus a “my boat” module for your serial numbers, registration, insurance information and more. Cost: $4.99 at the iTunes store.
  • iKnots – It makes learning the most important boating and climbing knots simple and easy. Clear animations and explanations make sure you remember how and which knot to use. Cost: $2.99 at the iTunes store.
  • Towing Capacities – Find the perfect vehicle for your towing needs. The app lets you search all pickups and SUVs sold in North America by year, make, model, engine, transmission and axle ratio — even different trim levels. Cost: $1.99 at the Google app store.
  • WeatherBug – This straight-forward app collects data from your nearest weather station and displays real-time satellite maps and more. A neat trick: just shake your phone to refresh the screen. Cost: Free at the iTunes store.
  • Vessel Safety Check – Safety first! The app will walk you through the features you have on your boat and provide you with the required items for your specific vessel and location. Cost: $.99 at the iTunes store.

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2 Responses to Boating Apps

  1. Dennis says:

    Not finding the Vessel Safety Check app. I am doing something wrong, or are you sure it’s at i tunes store?
    Please confirm, thanks.

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