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Most boating-related thefts are crimes of opportunity. How many times have you been on a dock and watched someone walk away from their vessel with the keys in the ignition, or leave their expensive electronics on board and in plain sight? Similarly, a quick scan of trailers parked near a boat ramp will normally show only one or two with locks of some kind.

So, what’s a safety-minded boat owner to do? Here are some tips for keeping your boat and boating items where they belong.

  • GPS Tracking – These systems, found mostly on larger cruisers and yachts, are the gold standard for boat security. They continually monitor a boat and sound an alarm if it leaves a predetermined area, all the while tracking the location of the boat to aid law enforcement in recovery.
  • Boat Alarms – Install a self-contained boat alarm, available at most marine stores, and be sure to put a sticker in the cabin window or on the windshield to warn would-be thieves that it is aboard.
  • Do-It-Yourself – Are you a true do-it-yourselfer? Try removing a critical, but easily replaced, part of the ignition system in between boat outings. A hidden kill switch or a fuel shutoff can also work well.
  • Choose the Right Berth – Boats stored in water can be particularly vulnerable. Make sure your marina is gated and has security, whether cameras or guards. Dry storage can provide a safer option than in-water storage. It’s always a good idea to remove valuables when possible, or at least hide them from plain view.
  • Mark it Up – Most police departments and insurance companies advise that marking key boat parts, including trailers, will lower their value to thieves. Engraving or some kind of permanent marking is important.
  • Trailered Boats – At the boat ramp, always lock your trailer (and your trailer hitch) to your tow vehicle. A heavy chain attaching the trailer to a sturdy object also goes a long way to deterring thieves. When storing your trailer, face the tongue in to a building or fence to make moving it that much more difficult. Another option is to use a wheel lock of some kind.

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