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Leaving the dock with your boat equipped with large coolers, big tackle boxes and loads of electronics? Some have so much equipment on them there is barely room to carry it all and still have room to fish. Often sportsmen and women leave the dock planning to troll all day. They find no need to carry an anchor thinking it will only be in the way and anchors are not “required” equipment (coast guard vessel inspection check list), so why carry one?

An anchor should be considered nearly as important as a PFD. In fact, an anchor could save you from counting on a PFD to save your life by allowing you to hold your vessel in one place should your engine quit. Without your propulsion you can find yourself at the mercy of the seas; driven up on rocks, blown out to sea or across the lake or broadside to large seas presenting the possibility of capsizing.

In the old days the line of thought was, “The bigger the boat the heavier the anchor”. This theory no longer applies to modern anchors equipped with proper added rode. There are anchors that weigh only a few pounds capable of holding a vessel that weighs several ton. A 12-pound anchor may be carried to accomplish the same holding power as an anchor weighing 30 pounds.

The type of anchor to deploy and other ground tackle use varies with changing conditions. Remember do not wait to equip your boat with an anchor; you may need it on your next outing.

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One Response to Anchor – Why Carry One?

  1. Mike r says:

    I wouldn’t leave home without 2 Anchors saves the bottom of your boat I case of engine failure.

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