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The Holidays are a great time to get your boater friends and family that perfect gift. Selecting a gift will be determined by the size of their craft and how they use it.

New Coast Guard approved PFD’s have hit the market. They have design changes that are the result of many years of intensive testing. Aimed at getting boaters to wear them, they offer comfort as well as support. One new automatic inflatable PFD is so comfortable, the person wearing it enjoys having it on.

If your boaters travel well offshore perhaps they could use a GPS Personal Locator. Often referred to as SPOT offered by many manufacturers who suggest; “You can be tracked, reached and rescued anywhere in the world.” The device sends an emergency signal that alerts those receiving it that you are in need of assistance. They are available in a range of sizes and prices from $30 to $300 dollars on up.

For the weekend fun seeker, a unique item being offered this year is a Jump Start Battery Charger weighing in at less than five pounds, some you can even carry in your pocket. Dead batteries are the single most common cause of ruined fishing or day trips. The small pocket sized ones can jump start an engine or charge your phone. This item is ideal for boaters with single engine craft and is a less expensive option that may even fit in a Christmas stocking.

A new item that will surely fit the stockings is an inflatable “Key Buoy” for keys to the boat should they go overboard. They also come at a reasonable cost.

Happy Holidays

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