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If your boat has been in storage, it’s essential you have everything ready for another season of boating. Spring is an excellent time to check your boat. Here are some tasks you can do yourself:

Check the expiration date on your flares.

Check your battery. Make sure all cells are chargeable and clean the terminals and connecting wires or leads.

After completing your battery check, place it in an approved container with a secured cover and hold-down device. The cover must fit and remain in place during pounding in rough water.

Take a look at your bilge. This is an excellent time to clean it.

Check your drain plug. If you see rust, replace it.

Check your belts. Change them if they are cracked, dry or shiny on the sides from slipping.

Check the fuel filters, water separators, and fuel lines. If any signs of cracking, leaking, rubbing or wear, replace them.

Take a look at your water pump. Pump impellers often take a set during the off season. When engaging the pump, vanes break off and plug or restrict your cooling ability.

Turn the lights on. It is much easier to replace a bulb on shore than while bouncing along on the water.

If you have a trailer, check the tires. If worn, replace them. Lift each wheel off the ground and give them a hard spin. If you hear rubbing or the bearings growling, remove the wheel and clean and grease or replace the bearings.

Let us know what’s on your checklist.

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