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Summer boating is drawing to a close and while boating will end for some, it will just begin for others. As weather gradually cools and daylight hours grow shorter, boating opportunities diminish.

The slow down in boating brings many changes that boaters may not be prepared for and if you plan on boating this fall, you need to keep these in mind. The fact that you don’t have to wait in line at the gas dock may make your day a little less hectic, but look around. Not only are there fewer boaters, there are fewer dockhands, shorter dock hours and the familiar Marine Deputies are not standing by ready to respond in minutes, if needed.

Fewer boats on the water mean fewer chances of someone being nearby if you have a problem. Now is the most important time to be sure your boat and equipment is in A-1 condition.

List of Things To Do Before Heading Out

  • Make sure your engine is in good running condition.
  • Be sure you have a good marine radio aboard.
  • Your batteries need to be fully charged and the acid level checked.
  • Check your flares and put a few extra onboard.
  • A good spotlight and flashlight are a must.
  • Be certain to have an anchor with plenty of rope.
  • Carry warm clothing.
  • Top off with fuel before leaving.
  • Always let someone know what time you plan to return.

The fall season presents some great boating and fishing opportunities and allows boaters a chance to relax and enjoy being on the water – just don’t relax too much. Fall weather conditions can and do change rapidly. Make sure your boat insurance provides coverage for emergency service. We will be here if you need us.

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10 Responses to SUMMER’S END

  1. Richard says:


  2. YA VANG says:


  3. Dave says:

    It’s a good idea to carry your cell phone also and a dry sack for the extra clothing.

  4. al annunziata says:

    great advice for all boaters,i wish they all could read the list of what to do before they leave the dock. thanks forthe concern. SMOOTH OPERATOR/MASSAPEQUA n.y.

  5. jazzrenovate says:

    All so true , thanks so much . Good fishing

  6. KEVIN says:

    Please don’t forget a First aid kit.

  7. Jeramie says:

    Glade to see that someone took time to send a friendly reminder

  8. Tim Shealy says:

    Great advice. Thanks for taking the time.

  9. Bill says:

    Good advise and good to hear from you.

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