BoatQuoteLink and QuoteView are two unique enhancements to provide you a quick and simple process to purchase and service boat insurance for their clients.


Add a link to your web site that allows your clients to request a boat insurance quote directly from your web site. We provide you with a simple text link that can be added to your web site in seconds.

You can use it as a text link,
Boat Insurance Quote

a button

or a graphic
When you enter a quote you can allow your client to view, edit, print, email, quote another boat and purchase coverage online. You provide your client with the quote number or email them the quote, and with QuoteView they can easily change hull values, liability limits and medical payments or edit the entire quote.

We keep a log of every change made, who made each one, and keep you informed by email.

United Marine Underwriters

See What Your Client Will See
Electronic Signature
No more chasing your clients to get a signature. If you sign up for QuoteView, your clients can purchase coverage and sign the application online. You also have the option to email the application to your clients so they can electronically sign it or print and sign it.
Shop Option
If coverage has been purchased, QuoteView allows your insured to shop premium options using different hull values, hull deductibles, liability limits or medical payments. This is a great renewal tool, if your insured wants to know what the renewal premium would be at a reduced hull value, they open their quote, change the hull value and see the premium on the screen. They will not be able to save any changes to an existing or renewal policy, but they can determine if the change is a good option for them. They will contact you to make any change to a current policy.