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Use our online quote or call 800-477-7140 then customize using our edit and shop options, or quickly compare insurance for additional boats. Our team will work with you to determine the best and most affordable coverage for you, and your watercraft. We have the information you need to compare boat insurance side by side. Purchase coverage online or by phone, and we can email the policy within minutes.

United Marine offers competitive boat insurance rates on the coverages for sinking, fire, fire, storms, theft, collision, emergency services, and wreck removal and more. Our Boaters Assistance Program automatically includes consequential loss coverage. Consequential loss provides coverage to your boat from sinking, burning, or collision, even if the cause of loss is excluded. Why is this important? Because all boat insurance policies have exclusions that say, all damages resulting from wear, tear, or gradual deterioration is excluded (read an actual denial letter). If your boat sank due to wear and tear, your entire loss could be excluded. With the Boaters Assistance Program, if your boat sinks, you're always covered.

Boat Insurance Guide

It is the slight variation that can make
the difference between good
coverage or excellent coverage. read more ...
Boat Insurance Basics

coverage is broad, and provides coverage
for the boat, including its machinery and auxiliary equipment,
outboard motors, boat trailer and personal
property. read more ...
Boaters Assistance
Insurance Program
Boaters Assistance Insurance Program
The Best of the Best
It's included here for FREE
Don't Pay More For
Road Side Assistance

Emergency Service & Towing Assistance

$25,000 for Supplemental Family

Fishing Gear / Personal Effects

Consequential Loss Coverage

Lower Electronics Deductible

Underinsured Boat Owners

Non-Owned Watercraft

Named Storm Haul Out

Fuel Spill Liability

Agreed Value
No depreciation on ANY item up to 11 years of age

Trip Interruption Coverage
$1000 a day Boat Rental
$250 per day Lodging
$250 per day Meals
$250 per person
Emergency Transportation

Compare All Side by Side

Boaters Assistance Program



Boat Insurance programs that meet your needs. Coverage for, PWC Bass Boats, Sailboats Runabout, Ski Boats, Pontoon Boats....






like the updated website and handling the signed app is magnificent. Already liked United Marine, you have all my boat business from here on out. Excellent and very caring of your agents and policyholders. Product coverages are the best as well. You are likely the best insurance carrier we've ever done business with from head to toe, right down to the customer service reps and underwriters we work with. Thanks!! Mike R - Agent





Boat Insurance Rates

Shopping for the best insurance cost, use our Quick Quote to get a quote in about 90 seconds for most boats or you can call 800-477-7140. Once you have the quote, you can customize it using our edit and shop options or quickly compare quotes for the best boat insurance rate or to quote additional boats.

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We are specialists in the marine insurance field and provide boat owners with the best boat insurance rates and insurance options. We provide quality and competitive boat insurance quotes and services to boat owners and insurance agents.



Boaters Assistance Coverage Details
  Navigation Period: 12 months navigation allowing for normal lay up credit in your area.

Coverage Limits Deductibles
Vessel, Engine(s) and Equipment
(comprehensive and collision)
$xxxx $xxxx
Consequential Loss: Provides coverage to your boat resulting from sinking, burning, or collision even if the cause of loss is excluded under the policy. Most insurance companies do not provide this coverage. If your boat sinks due to wear or deterioration, they exclude your entire loss.
Electronics Deductible   $250
This lower electronics deductible applies if you have a loss to your electronics. If you have a loss to the boat and the electronics that exceeds the vessel deductible, then only the vessel deductible applies.
Haul Out in the Event of a Named Storm $500 $0
We will pay up to 50% of your cost for haul out. Our max per occurrence is $500.
Named Storm Deductible (for coastal areas)   2 x the Vessel, Engine and Equipment Deductible
This will become the vessel deductible in the event of a hurricane, tropical storm, or tropical depression.
Tender Value $xxxx $xxxx
Unscheduled Tender: Liability and Medical Payments coverage is automatically included for a tender (dinghy) that you own which is less than 13' and less than 50 horsepower and principally used to provide transportation to and from the insured watercraft. The liability limit and medical payments limit is the same as below.
Trailer $xxxx $xxxx
Personal Effects $xxxx $xxxx
Protection & Indemnity
Supplemental Family We will pay up to $25,000 for liability to a parent, spouse, son or daughter (natural, adopted or step) residing in the same household.
Provides Liability coverage you have to a family member. Most programs exclude all liability to a family member.

Non-Owned Watercraft Liability Included in the Liability Above
Provides liability coverage on a boat you rent or borrow per policy terms and conditions.
Occasional Paid Captain-Crew Included in the Liability Limit Above
Provides up to 45 days of service for a paid captain-crew. Full time captain and crew coverage is available.
Longshoremen and Harbor Workers Statutory
Uninsured and Underinsured Boat Owners This limit follows the liability limit. It will be the same limit as the liablity above.
Many companies provide Uninsured but most do not provide Underinsured.
Pollution - Fuel Spill Liability $939,800
Medical Payments $xxxx per person
Towing and Emergency Services $xxxx per occurrence
Tournament Fee Reimbursement $xxxx
Provides reimbursement of your entry fees if you are unable to participate because your vessel or trailer has a covered loss.
Pro Angler - Fishing Guide Coverage:
Provides coverage to the Professional Fisherman where you earn more than 50% of you income from fishing tournaments including endorsements. Also extends coverage for supplemental compensation for fishing guide. This coverage is not for a person where the main source of income is from fishing guide. We do offer a separate policy where the main source of income is from fishing guide.
Trip Interruption Coverage Provides boat rental of $1,000 per day not to exceed $10,000 per policy period. $250 per day lodging and meals. $250 per person for emergency transportation Lodging, meals and transportation subject to $1,000 per occurrence not to exceed $2,500 per policy period.

Boat Insurance Coverage
Policy Comparison

Boat insurance provides physical damage coverage to repair your boat if it's accidentally damaged or destroyed by a covered peril such as collision, fire, theft, windstorm, lightning or vandalism. This coverage is broad, and provides coverage for the boat, including its machinery and auxiliary equipment, outboard motors, boat trailer and personal property.

A policy can provide physical damage coverage on an Actual Cash Value (ACV) or an Agreed Amount Value basis. Both types of policies offer important coverages for your boat but there are significant differences.

Actual Cash Value policies pay for Replacement Costs less depreciation at the time of the loss. In the event of a total loss, used boat pricing guides and other resources are used to determine the approximate market value of your vessel. A partial loss is settled by taking the total cost of the repair less a percentage for depreciation.

Agreed Amount Value policies mean you and the insurance company have agreed on the value of your vessel and in the event of a total loss you will be paid that amount. Agreed Amount Value policies also replace old items for new in the event of a partial loss without any deduction for depreciation. Most Agreed Amount Value policies require actual cash value on certain damaged property such as sails, protective covers, batteries, dinghies, trailers and aged outboard motors, lower drive units or outdrives.

Example of Actual Cash Value vs. Agreed Amount Value with $10,000 damage to a 4 year old Outdrive.

Actual Cash Value Agreed Amount Value
Damage $10,000 Damage $10,000
Less Depreciation $-4,000 Less Depreciation $0
Less Deductible $-500 Less Deductible $-500
ACV Payment $5,500 Agreed Amount Payment $9,500

Physical Damage coverage is usually subject to a deductible. The boat and motor usually have the same deductible with additional deductibles for the trailer and personal effects. The deductible is the amount you are willing to pay in case of a loss. The higher the deductible, the lower your insurance premium. Boat policy deductibles are usually calculated as a percentage of your coverage (1%, 2%, 3% of the vessel value) or can be on flat amounts of $250 or $500.

A good boat insurance policy should also offer Personal Effects coverage to provide protection for those items not intended for the normal operation of your boat, such as portable TVs, cellular or portable phones, stereos, radios and cameras.

Boat Liability

The Liability section of the policy provides protection if you are legally responsible for damages to property or injury to someone other than yourself or a family member. Liability provides protection if you are sued as a result of hitting another boat, or if someone is hurt onboard your vessel because of your negligence. This coverage is usually offered in increments of $100,000 up to $1 million.

Medical Payments

The Medical Payments section of the policy provides protection for reasonable medical, ambulance and hospital costs should someone be injured while in, upon, boarding or leaving your boat.

Uninsured Boat Owners Coverage

The Uninsured Boat Owners section of the policy provides coverage for injuries caused by an accident that you are entitled to recover from the owner or operator of an uninsured boat or "hit-and-run" boat.


Commercial Towing and Assistance enables you to be reimbursed for the reasonable costs incurred when you break down at sea and need a commercial tow to port.

These are some of the basic coverages you should look for when purchasing boat insurance. United Marine Underwriters offers broad coverages at great rates for virtually any type of vessel.