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Performance Boats, characterized by their design, performance, and sophisticated engines deliver speed that can create an adrenaline rush among the most demanding thrill seekers. Speed and performance boats pierce the waves and offer their operators a ride like no other. If you are spending your leisure time with your performance boat, you’ll want to protect your investment by making sure that you have the appropriate insurance coverage for your boat. The only adrenaline rush you want is from riding the swell, not from discovering that your insurance coverage is inadequate when you have a boat insurance claim.

Our services are as sophisticated as your taste in boats, and as specialized as your boat's engineering. Performance boat insurance policies aren't like other boating insurance policies. Most performance boat policies have additional terms and conditions (exclusions).

When you buy boat insurance, the specialists here at United Marine Underwriters are qualified to help protect your valuable investment. We can take the guess work out of determining the most appropriate insurance coverage for your performance watercraft. From our website you will be able to get a Guaranteed Quote that will make obtaining insurance for your performance boat a fast and easy experience.

Let our specialists assist you in purchasing the best boat insurance coverage for your performance boat needs.