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Designed with you in mind, our site provides free and easy access to personal watercraft, yacht, and boat insurance quotes. Our unique Boat Insurance Quick Quote feature provides marine insurance quotes in 90 seconds.

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Although you are not required by law to purchase insurance for your boat, you should definitely consider the benefits of doing so.

Online Boat Insurance Resources

In addition to finding cheap boat insurance quotes, we also offer multiple marine insurance related resources. Read our boat insurance guide to learn more about hull damage, deductibles, liability, and other boat insurance coverage topics. We also outline the boat insurance basics that you should know before purchasing a policy for boat insurance online.

Need to file an insurance claim? Consult our Claims Center where we lay out what information our insurance adjusters will need.

Other online boat insurance resources include:

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Check out our Frequently Asked Questions for quick answers to common boat insurance questions. Some common concerns are:

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