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Louisiana Boat Insurance

If you live in the Bayou state there are many opportunities for boating. From the Gulf of Mexico to a variety of lakes and rivers, you will never be hurting for a place to set sail.

Louisiana residents who own a boat should consider the benefits of buying insurance. Although it is not required by law, buying a policy will only set you back a few dollars per month.

Our goal is to help you find and buy the best Louisiana boat insurance policy, regardless of your vessel and budget. We accomplish this, time and time again, by providing a 90 second online boat insurance quote along with the best customer service in the business.


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Top Boating Cities in LA

Your location within the state of Louisiana has no bearing on whether or not you can buy boat insurance. That being said, there are some areas of LA that have more boaters than others. These cities include:

Boat Registration Advice

If you own a boat you need to register it with the state of Louisiana. Not doing so could result in a hefty fine. To learn more or to get started, visit the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries. There is an application on this webpage that can help you register your vessel in no time at all.

The fun of owning a boat in Louisiana can soon turn sour if you are involved in an accident, natural disaster, theft, etc. If you have boat insurance, though, any damages will be covered.

You can lean on us when it comes time to buy a Louisiana boat insurance policy.