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Nevada Boat Insurance

The state of Nevada may be most popular for being home to Las Vegas. But did you know that many people in the state enjoy boating? Before you take to the water, though, make sure you have the right type of boat insurance coverage.

As you begin your search for Nevada boat insurance, keep us in mind. We are more than happy to provide you with a free 90 second boat insurance quote as well as plenty of personalized advice. No matter what type of vessel you have, we are able to customize a policy to suit your needs. Better yet, we can help you save money along the way.


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Your Location in NV

If you live in Nevada, no matter the region, we can help you purchase a boat insurance policy. There are multiple cities throughout the state that are known for being home to a large number of boat owners. These cities include:

Las Vegas




Sunrise Manor

If you don’t live in Nevada you may not fully understand that the state offers many great opportunities to boaters. There is more to do in this state than gamble.

Regardless of your location, there are local lakes and rivers that offer many benefits to boaters.

Boat Registration in Nevada

Before you take your boat on the water, you need to do two things: Make sure it is registered with the state and purchase a boat insurance policy that you can trust. When you do this, you will feel more comfortable as you set sail.

The Nevada Department of Wildlife is responsible for all boat registration and titling. You will need to register your boat from day one, ensuring that you are in compliance with all state laws.

To learn more, visit the department’s official website.

Like our boat insurance service but prefer working with your Nevada boat insurance agent? Your insurance agent can purchase and service this quote for you. Boat insurance is a specialty and like most specialty insurance programs, we do business directly with you the boat owner and with insurance agents. There is no change in the premium or any additional cost to you. You get the benefit by having a great boat insurance policy and your local agent to service your policy.