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North Carolina Boat Insurance

Do you live in North Carolina? Are you interested in buying a boat? Do you already own a vessel? While buying a boat can be great fun, insuring it is another thing entirely. This is not something you are required to do however it is something that is extremely important.

When you have the right North Carolina boat insurance policy in place, you know that you and your vessel will always be safe. It does not matter what happens, if something goes wrong there is a good chance that you can make a claim and receive compensation for the damage.

We can help you buy the perfect NC boat insurance policy. Our policies offer the best coverage at the lowest price. Use our online quote and get a boat insurance quote on your screen in 90 seconds. Along with this, our dedication to customer service is sure to make you smile.


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NC Boat Registration Advice

You can have the best insurance policy available but if your boat is not registered with the state you are not legally allowed to take it in the water.

For more information on NC boat registration, visit the state’s Wildlife Resources Commission website. In addition to registration information, you will find details related to local waterways, safety, laws and much more.

Where do Boat Owners live in North Carolina?

The state of North Carolina is full of boaters. Regardless of your location, there are probably several lakes and rivers close by that will suit your boating needs. Along with this, many people love traveling to the east coast of the state to set sail in the Atlantic Ocean.

These five cities have a high concentration of boat owners:






Keep us in mind when the time comes to buy a North Carolina boat insurance policy. We will steer you in the right direction, allowing you to buy affordable yet comprehensive coverage.

Like our boat insurance service but prefer working with your North Carolina boat insurance agent? Your insurance agent can purchase and service this quote for you. Boat insurance is a specialty and like most specialty insurance programs, we do business directly with you the boat owner and with insurance agents. There is no change in the premium or any additional cost to you. You get the benefit by having a great boat insurance policy and your local agent to service your policy.