Tender Coverage

A Tender or Dinghy is a small boat used to service the larger boat. Some boat insurance policies automatically include a Tender as a covered item in the hull (boat, machinery and equipment) definition. If automatically covered, it may have the same deductible as the boat. Most insurance companies will allow you to schedule the Tender to obtain a lower deductible for an additional premium. Companies provide coverage on agreed value or actual cash value.

Some companies do not provide any coverage automatically and you have to provide us with the details on the tender or it will not be covered. Many companies provide specific requirements regarding size or horsepower in order to qualify as a tender; others just say small boat. Personal Watercraft are normally specifically excluded and not considered a tender.

If you have a second boat that you use to go out on a regular basis that it not being used to service the larger vessel, you need to have this boat insured separately.

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