Transit by Commercial Hauler

If you are transporting your boat over land on a trailer that you own, most insurance policies do not have any restrictions or exclusions. If you are using a commercial hauler to transport your boat, many companies will exclude coverage while the vessel is being transported.

In many cases the companies will allow you to buy the coverage back, but you first need to know if it is covered or not.

Some companies may exclude coverage anytime the vessel is being transported commercially, and others will have a limitation such as if more than 200 or 300 miles radius from your home port.

One company we represent does not make it a condition of a commercial hauler. They say coverage is limited to a 250 mile radius of your home port if transportation is by other than a trailer you own. So in this case it is not only a commercial hauler but any trailer you do not own.

We also represent two programs that say land transit is limited to 250 mile radius of the home port. This is for the trailer that you own or a commercial hauler.

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