PWC Safety Regulations - Florida

The state of Florida requires anyone under the age of 21 to take an approved boating safety course and receive an ID card showing the successful completion of said course to operate any vessel – including a Personal Watercraft – with 10 horsepower or more. They must also carry the ID card and a photo ID on their person while operating a PWC or boat.

Persons less than 14 years of age are not permitted to operate a PWC and to knowingly allow someone under 14 to operate a PWC would be a second-degree misdemeanor.

Personal watercrafts are not to be operated between ½ hour after sunset and ½ hour before sunrise even with the navigation lights on.

Inflatable PFDs are not acceptable when operating a PWC; USCG approved Type I,II,III life jackets are required by everyone riding or being towed as is lanyards attached to the kill switches and to the operators person.

Knowing the Florida state and federal regulations and following them will help to keep everyone safe and having fun. Remember to have your PWC ready for the day by having it registered, licensed and insured.