PWC Safety Regulations - Missouri

In the state of Missouri, persons born after January 1, 1984 bust have a NASBLA boating safety ID which is approved and issued by the Missouri State Highway Patrol, or by another state to operate a personal watercraft.

Persons at least 14 years of age can operate a PWC with the ID and for those younger than 14 there must be someone at least 16 years on board the craft with them.

Although it is legal to operate a PWC in Missouri at night as long as they are displaying the required navigation lights, it is recommended only operate during the daylight hours. PWCs are also exempt from displaying the skier-down flag.

While towing someone on skis, tube, wakeboard from a personal watercraft there must be someone at least 12 years of age on board to act as look-out or have an approved ski mirror that must be no less than three inches in height and eight inches wide – to give 180 degrees of vision behind the person operating the craft. While towing a person parasailing, there must be someone at least 12 years of age on board to watch, a mirror is not permitted.

Towing from a PWC is only legal from sunrise to sunset not once the sun goes down.

Please take note that the Missouri State Highway Patrol doesn’t recognize the manufacturer's mirrors on a PWC as being approved for this activity.

Your PWC insurance company and the USCG will expect all federal and Missouri state regulations to be followed at all times.