PWC Safety Regulations - Montana

When operating a personal watercraft in the state of Montana, operators who are 13-14 years of age must possess a certificate showing they successfully completed a boating safety course.

Anyone 12 or younger must be accompanied by an adult of 18 or over years.

A no-wake speed must be kept within 200 feet of any other PWCs, swimmers, beach, non-motorized boats, docks, or anchored vessels.

While towing someone on skis, tube, or wakeboard from a personal watercraft there must be someone besides the operator to act as the observer on board.

Operating a PWC is only permitted between sunrise and sunset.

Also, always remember when operating a PWC follow the 1/3 Rule; this means use 1/3 of your fuel to operate, keep 1/3 of your fuel to get back to shore and keep the other 1/3 as a reserve in case of emergency.

Your PWC insurance company and the USCG will expect all federal and Missouri state regulations to be followed at all times.